When you think of NYC, you don’t think affordable housing. If you do, it is the lack thereof. Trying to find affordable housing in NYC is a daunting task  that can lead to unprecedented amounts of stress. However, finding affordable housing in New York may not be as far-fetched as it seems! There are three things you should know when trying to find affordable housing in NYC (or any other major city for that matter)!

Surprising Bits of Information About Renting in NYC
1. It’s Constantly ChangingThings move fast. A listing that is posted on Monday can be gone by Wednesday. That means if you are going to be renting with a roommate, you two will need to sync schedules and agree to do all apartment shopping on specific days. Eventually you will be able to churn through all the options and find a place where you love to live!

2. Fees Are Pretty Much Going to be Evident if You Want a Nice ApartmentNew York City is extremely pricey, so that translates into the housing market! This means you will likely see fees associated with getting an apartment like cleaning-fee, or even broker fees. You will also typically see a need for a higher security deposit which can be hard to obtain in such a pricey area. Due to the increased expenses, it is smart to have a decent chunk of savings in your account when trying to move out!

3. Creativity is Key with Tight FinancesThis is the best time for you to make the distinction between need and want. When looking for affordable housing in NYC, the ideal situation is getting a nice one bedroom apartment, that has all amenities that you’re looking for, while still being chic and roomy! However, the reality is all you need is a studio, and you will need to compromise on having some luxuries like an in-unit washer/dryer or a dishwasher. If you do opt for the bedroom option then you will need to do so with roommates and that is a whole nother battle on its’ own! However, you just need to realize that while you may want the dream apartment, you may have to settle for a different version of that.

Tips to Make New York More Bearable When Living There
The New York City housing experience doesn’t need to be all negative! You have many options as to where you can live in regards to the city so it is good to make sure that you utilize all resources to get the best deal possible!

1. Be Active in Social Media like Facebook and More!Facebook can be a handy dandy tool when it comes to finding affordable housing in NYC! You can join groups that specifically showcase all affordable housing options, with listings being posted by landlords, and living conditions verified by other tenants! Other tools that people can use is Craigslist or even SpareRoom which shows private listings for single rooms in different housing situations. If you do decide to use any of these, make sure that you and the person have a well written agreement that is accompanied by background checks to ensure your safety and security!                                      

2. Understand Your Commuting OptionsNew York is massive so you have many ways to get to work! You have multiple train lines to look at, the ferry, walking, biking, and more! You just need to take that into consideration when evaluating costs of living and when choosing WHERE to live. Due to the fact that you have so many options of commute, you can live all over the city!

3. You don’t HAVE to live in NYCNew York is crazy expensive! So it is understandable that you may want to look at other options when renting. You can avoid the hustle and bustle of city life by living somewhere close like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or even Connecticut. Each state has their own pros and cons when living and commuting to NYC but that is also an option that is available for you!


When trying to find affordable housing in NYC, you can feel stuck, lost, and discourages. However with these tips and tricks you will have to tools to better navigate the living opportunities of the concrete jungle!